I’m all about that Type 2 fun. A few years ago, I discovered “light mountaineering” — scrambling and snow travel and summiting high peaks, but without a rope (yet). I love it! That said, so far I’ve mostly written about experiences that went wrong. They’re more interesting. Rest assured that it’s not all like this.

A weekend in the San Juans – Squirrel and I take on the infamous El Diente-Mount Wilson traverse.

The Sangre de Cristo Traverse – In August 2018, I set out to traverse the ridgeline of Colorado’s Sangre de Cristo Range from Salida to Blanca Peak. It’s a feat that not many people attempt, for good reason.

A bluebird day on Quandary – Two friends and I were first responders at the scene of a horrible backcountry skiing accident at 13,400 feet. I wrote this 1) to unburden some of the trauma of that day, and 2) to share my newfound awareness that no one is invincible in the backcountry — and while we shouldn’t be afraid, we should be prepared.

Organ Needle and peakbagging while female – alone – Misogynistic fearmongering is nothing new, but this was next-level.